Contact Details of our Voluntary Members

Andrée Lombard Chairman Email:
Call: 082 449 4955
Darren Combrink                                   Vice Chairman Email:
Call: 082 829 7411
Vacant        Treasurer To apply please fill out our contact form in the side panel
Francine Parsons Camino Book Sales           Email: or
call 082 771 0500 
Cecilia Russell Editor Amigos Email:
Gium Marais Social Events Email: or
Call: 082 920 6162 
Vacant        Library To apply please fill out our contact form in the side panel
Andrée Lombard Workshops Email:
Ina Du Plessis Calendar Competition                     Email:


( EFT – Our Banking details, No Cheques) to:

Account Name: Confraternity of St James of S.A.
Account number: 375177248
Type of account: Business plusplan account (savings)
Bank: Standard Bank, Claremont
Branch number: 025109

Email PROOF of payment with your FULL name as a reference, you can use the side bar contact form for ease of use.

Contact Us:



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Upcoming Workshops


Presenter: Pam Langley
Date: Saturday 3rd November 2018
Duration: 9 am to 12.30 pm
Venue: St Charles Catholic Parish


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Hospitalerio Training 

Cape Town: November 2018

Camino to Santiago
camino de santiago, camino

Bargain Price R55
A Spiritual Guide to the Camino
by John Rafferty


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