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About the CSJofSA

The Confraternity’s main aim is to assist South African pilgrims who wish to make a pilgrimage to the relics of Saint James which is preserved in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, by means of walking or cycling any of the medieval pilgrim routes which is generally referred to as the “Camino de Santiago”.

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Camino Calendar 2020

Buy Now! Desktop Calendar available for R70. A selection of photos from our recently completed photo competition. The winning entries were chosen by the CSJ committee, and the top 3 winners were selected by our patron José Pablo Alzina, Cónsul General and his wife, Nicole.

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CSJofSA SHOP & Membership

We have a selection of special Camino items for the benefit of pilgrims wishing to walk. Our prices include postage unless you require an express delivery. Become a member and purchase your Pilgrim Passport and other Camino items.

Apply for Membership with the CSJofSA - Online Application Form